Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Learned Most/ Most Succesful Projects

                                                             Most Successful Project
I feel that this was my most successful project because I really enjoyed doing it and I really like the way it turned out.  In my personal opinion, I just like it.  This project allowed me to do my own thing with choosing colors and the feel of the art, rather than alot of the other projects. This project also invovled multiple steps like making the frame, and that was fun.  It was the most successful project because I enjoyed it.

Project I learned the Most From
I always thought I was terrible at drawing, but I'm really proud of my self portrait. Getting the measurements down gave me a general idea of how the face should look, but then I went back in and customized all the sizes so that it looked like me. I learned alot about drawing, and my final self portrait looked even better than this one.  I improved so much in my drawing and I actually enjoyed drawing because it looked decent.  I learned the most from the project becasue it turned out so much better than I anticipated and I improved overall.

Printing Project

Here is my octipus that I did for the Printing Project.  I hated this project because I was absent one day and then Mr. Sands kept nagging me about being behind but I couldnt help it and because at first I did a platupus and donkey, but neither of them had good shapes to them, so I scratched those and did an octipus. The octipus didnt work out the way I wanted because when I was cutting it out I made it really uneven and it ended up looking messy.  I also didn't cut deep enough, so as you can see in the picture, the legs arent clearly defined at the bottom.  This resulted in the paint not doing its job, and the whole project looked bad.  I went back in and cut the octipus better, and it looked alot better.  I also did a mushroom because I was bored of the octipus, which I thought looked cool.  This project would have been better if I had taken more time to cut out the animal well rather than spending more time on the paint.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spray Paint Portrait

This portrait was difficult to make just beacause of the different layers. The hardest part of making this was using the exact knife and it resulted in my finger bleeding alot.  That was tedious and not enjoyable. I then did my frame, which was also easy.  After that was over, I spray painted it, which was fun to see the color to go on.  The extra things I did to my portrait is what was most fun.  It allowed for more creativity, and I could do anything I wanted to make it what I wanted it to look like.  My artwork ended up looking weird because I added alot to it, but I like it.  I think that the best thing about my portrait is the hair; I like that I was able to look interesting and draw attention.  My least favorite thing is that the shapes are boring.  I should have done another layer to add more shapes to myself. I learned alot about constructing an complete project, rather than just painting or just drawing.

Pencil Self Portrait

I learned alot while completing this self portrait drawing. I started trying to get the proportions perfect and measure everything exactly, but as I drew in things like the eyes and nose, I realized that the portrait looked nothing like me.  After I got the general size and shape of the face to match my exact measurements, I divided up my paper like was shown on the board.  I then filled in everything with hair, eyebrows, etc, and then went back in and resized everything so that it actually looked like me.  The challenge of this project was just going by my eye's judgement of staring at myself and then trying to draw something exactly like it.  I thought I was terrible at drawing everything before this project, but I'm actually very proud of my self portrait.  I learned how to make realistic drawings and get sizing accurate while going on just the eye, not exact measurements all the time. Faces aren't ever perfectly porportional, so I decided that measurements would just be a guideline and I would do things like shorten the nose and make it wider than the assumed "exact" measurements. The hardest thing for me was making the eyse perfect; one was bigger than the other and then I erased part of it and couldn't get it to be symmetrical with the other one again.  The shading and drawing other features was alot easier for me because I didnt have to match it up exaclty with another feature on the face.