Friday, May 17, 2013

Light Drawing

We did Maryilin Monroe for our lighting drawing project. It was difficult to get the right about of light on me, and our problem was that we were trying to put too much light on me.  We wanted to do the hair, the mole, and the dress so that people would know who she was, but we couldn't do all of them.  I think it worked out pretty good, but there are some obvious line mess ups in the picture due to too much light.


Paintings of Italy
I loved when we painted in class because it was more creative than other things we've done. The painting is of a beach in Naples, Italy, where I've been several times.  It would be very hot, calm, and quiet in the painting.  There would be the sounds of the waves hitting the rocks and all else would be eerily silent on the boat.  The day would be completely care free.  I presented this in the painting by using light blue and calm colories in the sky in water; the colors bring a calm feeling into the painting.  I didn't use any sharp shapes in the nature, but it is shown in the boat.  That shows that the nature is peaceful and soft compared to what humanity brings.  I used a circular motion while creating the moutains and used a larger brush to create an airy feeling to the clouds.  The water was painted with horizontal strokes.