Art 1 Final Portfolio

#1: Painting
           I feel like the painting  project was my most successful piece of artwork for many reasons.  The project was more open ended than other ones we have had, and it allowed me to choose whatever scene I wanted to paint.  I love painting and in art it has always been my strong point and some of my family members have painted for a living. I am very proud of the sky and mountains in the painting, but I think the water and boat look less realistic.  I am still very proud of the final product because I believe that the colors in the mountains are blended well and look realistic.  The sky also looks airy and realistic and I learned new brush techniques while creating the sky, like using circular motions with a larger and fluffier brush apposed to the dabbing styles I normally use while painting. I used different techniques all throughout the painting, making it a learning experience that resulted in a painting I really enjoy. The project was fun and I believe it's the best piece of art I did this year.

                                                    #2: Portrait
         I think that out of all the projects I grew the most with the self portraits.  I was terrible at before I took art this year and I never thought I would be able to draw something that looked anything like me.  I learned how to create the correct portions to draw the human face, and how to add in details that made the difference between looking like a poorly drawn cartoon and a lifelike drawing of a person.  The final draft of this project wasn't posted and it was alot more developed than this one, but I still am proud of the one shown.  It took alot of time and focusing on the little details was a struggle, but I improved alot.  The first draft was just poorly drawn outline or sketch, but the final was shaded nicely.  My shading improved alot and I realized that it was one of the most important things to making something look real.  My drawing improved so much during working on this project.

                                                                 #3: Value scale
       The value scale drawing took alot of work because I had to use my learned skills to shade in the picture so that it look realistic.  Mr. Sands let us cheat and we outlined our reference before transferring it to the paper, but mine still looked off.  It was very hard  to make the picture look like the reference when just using different shades to create the picture.  I had to use my shading skills we got from drawing shapes because it was the same concept, only harder  Before we began drawing we had to make a scale showing the shades we were going to use.  It was difficult to keep reusing the same levels of darkness throughout the drawing to make sure that it look realistic.  I also used the skills I got from my portrait to make this drawing.  The self portrait required me to use shading as well to make me look lifelike, and the same skills had to be applied with the Value scale project.  I'm not very proud of my Value scale  drawing because I think that the cats look oddly shaped.  If I had taken more time it could have been better. However, I think I mastered the art of shading which is "Don't be afraid of the dark."
                                                               #4: Prints
       I feel like the prints didn't do much in teaching us in this course because there wasn't much effort required to make the prints.  It was all about using the stencil, which I believe wasn't helping in exploring the basic concepts of art.  I felt that the project also wasn't given enough time, and also being absent, I couldn't experience how the project was supposed to be done.  I think that the project did at least teach us when we had to cut out the shape of our animal before we applied the paint.  That was helpful because it taught us new techniques when doing more physical art than drawing and painting.  However, I feel that the project could have had more depth and taught us more about different techniques and have been more detailed. There wasn't much inspiration for me to do this project, and I didn't use enough paint, as you can see in the picture.  There wasn't much to do in the project, and that is why I think it wasn't successful in teaching concepts in this course.

                                                                    #5: Stencils
        I feel like the Stencils project reflects me as an artist because I did the standard spray painting part of the assignment, but then I went back at the end and added whatever I wanted to it that I thought made it look good.  I think that freedom reflects me because I could do anything and I wanted, and what I freely chose to do shows my ideas best. I like the more messy elements of this piece, and I think not only does it describe me as an artist, but also in general.  It has some creative and cool add ones that were different and that makes it special.  The monochromatic part of the project reflect how I do most of my art.  The scruffiness and the colors I chose describe what I like in terms of visuals, as do the different techniques I used; the spray paint and acrylic paint offered variety, and I added further variety in the way I used the paint.  It isn't shown in the picture, but I alternated between the messier strokes and the more solid ones. This project was one that I wanted to work on more than required because I didn't want it to be the standard, and it wasn't a project that was ever over, because there was always something more to add.  That added in more room for me to express myself and show what styles I like.  The Stencils project reflects me as an artist best.

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