Monday, December 14, 2015


1. I loved this painting immediately because it's a beautiful landscape piece and it's a lot like the art I wish I was able to do. My own art is similar to this, but not as breathtaking and detailed. My favorite thing about this is the water and the clouds.

2. I didn't like this piece at first because it seemed too simple and not enough thought was put into it. But after I read the description, I realized it had more meaning behind it. The piece represents the way that children especially are forced into a sedentary, boring education. I can relate to this message a lot and I believe that most people who have gone to public school would.

I have no appreciation for this piece. I don't believe that it was well done, and it looks like it was a thoughtless work. I don't like the abstract feel because to me, it was not well done or polished. 
The description of the piece did not explain the artwork at all or its meaning.

Never Got A Chance To Say

I chose to do a landscape picture of Naples, Italy because that city holds great emotional significance for me. My dad was raised there, and my family still lives in Naples. I will most likely only get to visit a few more times in my life, and its significance to me will always be hidden away. I chose to do use acrylic paint on canvas because it is the medium I enjoy the most, and I wanted to have fun with this project. My print is a simplified image of my painting.