Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Free Project

I love dreamcatchers and had a really strong urge to make one, but I didn't know when the opportunity would arise in a sculpture class until the free project. This dreamcatcher cost almost nothing to make; I used a recycled wooden ring that Ms.Sudkamp found, and the string and yarn I used from the classroom cost virtually nothing. I used beads I already had, but I had to purchase feathers (plucking them for free off of birds would've been too gross). The limitation of $3 or less wasn't a problem for me. Learning to make the dream catcher was fun, yet challenging. I watched at least 5 videos on Youtube to figure out how to make the pattern in the center of the ring. I feel that the end result is very successful. 

Monday, April 13, 2015


When I began this project, I had a very different vision than how the final project ended up.  I had wanted to create a unique shape with the wire, and have the spider-webby wire pattern be filled in lightly with tissue paper, creating a see through sculpture.  This was alot more difficult than it seemed, and the wire was not as bendable as I had hoped.  The tissue paper tore if I only put a thin layer on, and this resulted in me being forced to add more until it was no longer see-through like I had originally envisioned.  However, I'm proud of the final project due, as it took alot of hot glue gun burns to create it.  I still succeeded in creating a sculpture out of wire and tissue paper, although it ended up different than my goal had been. 

Animal Head

 This project was pretty challenging for me, because I had difficulty making the head hollow, yet still sturdy.  I like how my fox head turned out, although I would go back and smooth it out if I could.  The biggest challenge was the eyes, and I feel that they could be improved to create a more realistic feel of the overall piece.  Painting my animal head will be fun, and hopefully will improve the look of the sculpture.