Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Sticky Situation- Ferris Wheel

                   Sticky Situation

I really enjoyed brainstorming for this project, but I got so many great ideas that it was difficult to choose which to do.  I went with the idea to interpret a sticky situation in the non literal sense, and thought of things that I was scared of. Strangely, one of my greatest fears are Ferris wheels. I don't like heights, but I really don't like slowly rising up to the top and looking down at everything below. I combined my fear of Ferris wheels to my fear of sinking/drowning and put an ocean in the backround. The Ferris wheel looks almost as if it's sinking into the ocean, and it perfectly captures my fear.

     My use of repetition is very obvious in this project, and the systematic lay out of Ferris wheels contains many patterns such as the lights, and the carts.  I enjoyed this painting, however it is not one of my best paintings.  I think this project would have been more successful if I had chosen a scene with less patterns because is would have been able to put more interesting ideas into the painting

Using the acrylic paint was a challenge because of how quickly it dried. It was very difficult for me to get everything done before it dried and it was too late to fix any mistakes. Overall I enjoyed painting with acrylics.