Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Art 2 Project 1 Theme Scientific

When given the theme scientific, I immediately thought of doctors. I chose hospitals as one of my final ideas, but then I took another path. I branched out from thinking about doctors and hospitals to think about illness and disaster itself. I played with the idea of drawing an atomic bomb explosion, but then I decided that capturing the aftermath of disaster would be more influential. I got the idea to use a gas mask, as it wasn't impossible for me to draw and it clearly showed the aftermath of a bomb. I felt prepared for this project because the mini projects helped me be more aware of my shading. I used hatching in my final project, creating a lot of contrast in my drawing. I used contrast to make the distance clear in the drawing; the gas mask was the darkest area, and this helped draw attention to it. For my project, I used sketching pencils and hatching techniques. I took a risk with using a lot of contrast in my drawing. I worried that using very dark shades would be difficult to erase if I made a mistake, or that the darkness would overshadow the rest of the drawing. Overall, I feel very proud of the result.  I was surprised at how well the shading turned out, and I didn't expect my final outcome to be as good as it is. I liked the prompt because I could do almost anything I wanted with it, and it was fun for me to try out different ideas with the sketches. I am very happy with the final draft.