Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Up Close and Personal

               Up Close and Personal

     For this project, I used a lot of creativity and all of the ideas for the colors and shapes of the animals  and backround came from my own mind. I didn't really use a guide with this project, and that's what I enjoyed the most about it. I put everything where I wanted it and how I wanted it, and although it didn't end up perfect, I really love how it turned out. 
   A challenge I faced in this project was making the bird look realistic, and making it look like it is pitched on the bowl. There were not many pictures of a bird perching on a fishbowl online, so using my own mind to decide the angle the bird would be at was rather difficult. I improvised, and erased many times when drawing the bird until it ended up in a position that I was satisfied with. 
      As far as deciding the colors, I wanted to show off a tropical feel with the piece. I feel that this was a very unique decision because it's abnormal to see a fishbowl out in a tropical forest, but I went with it. I tried to make the piece very bright and pleasant to look at while using tropical influences. The bird,fish, and plants are based off of tropical animals. I loved this project because my drawing is almost all from my own creativity, but the influences found in the art help tie in together to make it even better.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Soda Can, Lollipop, Candy Mini Projects

                Soda Can 
I had a huge challenge using the oil pastels. They were very hard for me to mix, and I had a difficult part of the can to draw. On the can, the man was not obviously drawn, but white spots were used to create the image of one. I originally tried to recreate that, but I wasn't able to. I'm happy with the shape of the can, but if I could, I would redo the project and not make the oil pastels as thick.

                      Lollipop Drawing
I feel that this was the most successful mini project of the three for me. I tried to shade the lollipop and make it look 3D, and although I could've done more, I'm still satisfied with the final outcome. Colored pencils are very easy for me to use and I feel I have the most control over them. 

I feel that this project is good, but it could be improved. I'm happy with my blending, and the chalk pastels were rather easy to use. The only thing I had a problem with was the wrapper. One side ended up much better than the other, so I wish I could go back and lighten up the part of the wrapper I went too dark on. Overall, I enjoyed this project and I liked using the new medium.