Friday, April 26, 2013

Adobe Illustrator Flowers

                                                          Adobe Illustrator Flowers
Today we made these flowers in Adobe. I liked Adobe Illustrator alot better than photoshop because it just seemed alot simpler to me.  It was an easy and quick assignment for me that I enjoyed.  It was fun to play around with the colors and effects to see which I liked the best.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ipad and Clay

(Waiting for Mr. Sands to put a picture of the monster I made on the Ipad; he promised to do it on Thursday last week but he didn't so I'm waiting for it.)

(I was absent and Mr. Sands didn't take a picture of the clay animal I made...but it's about to go in the kelm..)

The Ipad activity was extremely free-style which was fun and allowed for creativity.  I enjoyed the project and made a porcipine looking type monster.
I also enjoyed the clay, but didn't have much time to work on it since I was absent, but I still like my product.  It was of a bunny and I enjoyed working with the clay because we could choose to wmake whatever we wanted.  I learned how to work with the clay better and if I could do the project again I would have more time to smooth out the clay and make it look more polished.  The most difficult part of working with the clay was keeping the shape of the clay from falling apart.  It was less sturdy than I would like because it was hollow on the inside and caved in a little bit, but I fixed it and it turned out fine.


For this project, I helped out a group just by filling in the squares they outlined.  It was simple and the other people in my group decided what the shape of the zentangle was so I didnt use my own ideas on this project.  I was busy painting the door Mr. Sands told me to paint pink. 

(Mr. Sands didnt post a picture of the door he told me to paint while the class was making Zentangles)....waiting for the picture..

Forced Perspective

The forced perspective project was fun, light and open to creativity. It was easy to think of cool things to try to do for this project but it was hard to get everything to actually work well and make it look realistic. We had to try to make sure everything was in line, and that was a challenge.  I think we did pretty good and this picture is pretty good, but I wish we could have made more adjustments and an improvement I would make is Taylor would be further back from the camera so her feet would look like they were on the roof.