Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Weird Picture

Value Scale Drawing

I think that my piece looks pretty good, but had more potential for the actual drawing to be better because we traced the picture.  I had issues with the tracing and had to redraw alot of the shapes because I realized I had messed them up when I put the paper on the window for the light.  In this picture I look afraid of the dark, but later I actually went in and filled out blank white spaces and also just darkened the areas that are kind of mid gray now. That was a big improvement.  This project was difficult because of drawing the shapes with the tracing thing and I believe it would have looked better had I not "cheated" and traced.  That was the most difficult part; the shading was just tedious.

Junk Pile Shadow Art

This project was difficult because we used the projector and random objects to make something and the lighting was annoying to work with because if we tilted it too far one way, or too close to the paper it messed the whole project up. It was also interesting to do this project because I never had to do anything with shadows before and didn't really consider it art.  It was fun because we used our creativity and decided to do a Valentines Day kind of thing.  We wanted to make a scene that said love on the top and had two people sitting together on some kind of hill, but that didn't work out because we didnt have time.
I think this piece is successful because it is unique.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Here is my photoshopped image of a sunset at the beach.  It is much more dull and boring than the first picture, which was very vivid and alive with color and details.  The details are really taken out of this picture now, but the shapes in the picture are more visible because of how dark the picture is.  I hate using PhotoShop, but this was an easy assignment for me.

Lady Bugs

                    Here is my falling ladybug that I made using Photoshop that we made in class today.
I wasn't sure what to use for my item to fall but I chose a lady bug because it seemed more unique that a bird or airplane to me.  I think this picture would look more realistic if we could put shadows on both of the ladybugs becaue the farthest one looks realistic and the closer looks like he's just randomly floating in blank space.

Monday, February 4, 2013


Here's my rino.  I'm terrible with computers so it was hard and confusing for me to do photoshop but it should have been easy.  My rino looks weird because the kitchen is messed up.

Chick The Skeleton

                                                                         Chick The Skeleton
I feel that this piece shows both the good and the bad of my artistic abilities.  There is obvious improvement between the pieces, but there is still alot of error in the final piece. I feel like the final piece is much better, although there are some positive things about the first one.  It seems weird to me to call my second drawing of chick the 'final piece' because although she is techincally complete, I didn't draw the whole body, because I could only draw what I saw.  However, I still feel like this piece is successful because of the time I spent on it and the improvements you can see.  What worked about this project was we had a generous amount of time that allowed me to focus and try my best to be detailed and accurate with the drawing.  What didn't work was that I could barely see Chick's bones, making them almost impossible to draw perfectly.  If I did this project again, I would try to get a frontal view of Chick because I think I would feel more satisfied with the final product because I would be enabled to draw more of the skeleton. The most difficult part of this project was one I already mentioned, which was the distance issue between me and Chick, making it hard to see the bones and know which one I was drawing because I wasn't right up close to her.  Throughout this project, I've learned to pay close attention to detail when drawing, and to draw what is actually in front of you rather than what you think a skull or a leg would look like.