Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Multi Media Project

This was a really interesting project for me. I chose to do a combination of the themes fear and fantasy because I thought I could find many ways to incorporate   different media into a more unique theme. I chose to work with the idea of a split world, a dark mask do light side with some sort of creepy characters. I used the chair to symbolize the isolation of people caught between the good and the evil. The risks I took with this project was using watercolor, gel and acrylic on canvas all together. I wasn't sure if it'd work out or look like nothing belonged together, but now that I finished, I feel that everything blended together like I hoped. I also was worried about gluing the puzzle pieces on the canvas to serve as clouds because I thought they may look misplaced. I think everything flows together and the multi media is a success. 
I intend for this artwork to point out the different ways of viewing good and bad in the world, and the in between. The art piece shows the confusion and eeriness between the fine lines of good and evil. 
I belive that my ideas are unique and original. I only pulled from my imagination when creating my project, and it paid off well. Throughout the year, this has been the most creative piece I made. I played around with many ideas, but used my color schemes and trees and the quick transition between worlds to clearly show my meaning and artistic message.