Saturday, January 9, 2016

Final Exam

Laura Lewis is a contemporary artist who paints nature and landscapes. She has a unique style, and her imagery is inspiring. 

I love using acrylic paint to create landscape pieces. Every piece I created in Art 3 this year incooperated nature in some way, particularly trees. 

I love Laura Lewis' almost mystical style, and I enjoyed creating my own unique style of painting. I use vibrant colors in my paintings, much like Laura does to draw eyes to our work. 
These are my 2 favorite pieces from this year, and while they do look somewhat similar, they carry very different meanings to me. The first is of Naples, Italy, my dad's home town, and the second was based off of pictures from the Appalachian Mountains, a place that I find peaceful and inspiring. Laura's beautiful work helped me to stick to my own style and not to change what type of paintings I created, regardless of what others said. She shares my nature and landscape theme, and although some may see our paintings as repetitive, we see the uniqueness in each picture of nature we view. Finding an artist that had a similar taste to mine helped me to embrace my theme and stick to it. Her style is more realistic than mine, and I hope to improve my painting technique through practice and be able to also create realistic landscapes.